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Restaurant Reopenings at the Disneyland Resort!

Slowly but surely, some of our favorite restaurants and shops are reopening at the Disneyland Resort! There were a small number of options available when the parks officially reopened on April 30th, but the quick-service and higher-end restaurants delayed their openings…until NOW!

When we went to Disneyland on reopening day, we noticed that not only were there many restaurants that were closed, but the menu items were extremely limited from almost every food service option. At Tropical Hideaway, the only item you could get there was Dole Whip, and I am pretty sure pineapple was the only flavor available!

But that is all behind us now! With the Disneyland Hotel reopening, social distancing easing up and no more mask mandate at the parks, nearly every food service has reopened, with all of their goodies available for guests! Here are some of the newly reopened options at each park, and their locations:


Maurice’s Treats – To the left of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Alien Pizza Planet – Tomorrowland (mobile order available)

Blue Bayou – New Orleans Square (reservation recommended)

Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo – Galaxy’s Edge (mobile order available)

Harbour Galley – JUST REOPENED, right across from Haunted Mansion (mobile order available)

Hungry Bear Restaurant – JUST REOPENED, Critter Country (mobile order available)

Tiki Juice Bar – part of The Enchanted Tiki Room in Adventureland (mobile order available)

California Adventure

Corn Dog Castle –JUST REOPENED, right next to Goofy’s Sky School in Pixar Pier, (mobile order available)

Lamplight Lunch – Entrance to Pixar Pier, Brunch now available! (reservation recommended)

Schmoozies – JUST REOPENED, right across from Animation Academy in Hollywood Backlot (mobile order available)

Wine Country Trattoria- right across from Cars Land (reservation recommended)

We are looking forward to the new (and hopefully soon-to-be seasonal!) treats at all of our favorite restaurants! Stay tuned with My Oh My for updates on all the Disney goodies coming to the parks soon!

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