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  • What is the pricing for itineraries?
    Customizable & Fillable Park "To Do's" Template | $3.99 Personalized Itinerary Created by My Oh My One Disney Park Day | $19.99 Additional Disney Days | $5.99 Receive park information, tips and tricks in addition to each itinerary Add Ons Disney Parks Food Recommendations List | $2.99 Disney Parks Attractions Recommendations List | $2.99
  • Can you help me choose which itinerary to get?
    Yes! Fill out the questionnaire and we will make a recommendation for you.
  • Will I get to see the itinerary before purchasing?
    No. Trust us! We will create the perfect itinerary tailored to your preferences. We pride ourselves in being Disney park experts, so you are in good hands ;)
  • Can I work with you on building my itinerary?
    Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our collaboration...working with you on building your perfect itinerary is what we do best? Tell us your wants... I want to sleep in but want to get to the parks no later than 11am... I want to ride Pirates of the Caribbean and eat in New Orleans Square... I want to try all 5 specialty churros Disneyland has to offer... We can incorporate any of your "must dos" into your itinerary!
  • Can I purchase a Disney box without purchasing an itinerary?
    Yes! Add items to your cart to build your own custom Disney box. We'll pack it and send out your Magic Mail. We recommend adding in your personal itinerary to maximize your Disney vacation, though!
Answer a few questions to help us create your perfect itinerary...
How ride focused do want to be?Limited RidesFair Amount of RidesGood Amount of RidesMostly RidesAlmost All RidesHow ride focused do want to be?
How food/drink focused do want to be?Limited Food Fair Amount of FoodGood Amount of FoodMostly FoodAlmost All FoodHow food/drink focused do want to be?
How show/character focused do want to be?Limited Shows/CharactersFair Amount of ShowsGood Amount of ShowsMostly Shows/CharactersAlmost All Shows/CharactersHow show/character focused do want to be?

Thank you for helping us spread some Disney magic!

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