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Halloween Box | Let's Peek Inside!

Hi everyone! Jackie here with My Oh My. I wanted to go ahead and show you what our box of the month looks like. We have created a Halloween box for the month of October and wanted to show you what's inside. First, this is what the box looks like on the outside. Super cute. We have some stickers. Of course our signature Disney delivered on the box front, but this is what your box will look like on the outside.

Let's show you what looks like on the inside. So this is the first thing that you'll see when you do open the box. Of course we have Jack there and you will also see a Halloween countdown that is specifically made by My Oh My. We include this with every single Halloween box purchase or a box of the month purchase.

This also comes with an expo marker and can serve as your countdown to Halloween. You'll also notice in the back, we have some artwork created by yours, truly and some Halloween artwork along with the Halloween card. And we also create a customized Halloween tickets that you can see, right over here.

And we customize it specifically for you. Our ultimate box purchases also come with a custom shirt that has a really cute Mickey pumpkin on it. So, Hey pumpkin, perfect for Halloween at the parks or just wearing around anywhere else. We also include this super cute Halloween tote, that says I'm here for the treats.

Obviously I'm here for the treats and this is included with every single box. Our ultimate box also comes with this custom made tumbler. Very, very great size, super soft, and cute, and comes with our custom Boo sticker. If you order the extra magic or deluxe boxes, you will get a clear bottle water bottle.

That is honestly perfect size for the parks. It also comes with the Boo sticker. And of course, if you have purchased the ultimate box, it does come with official Disney parks, Halloween ears. These ears are super cute. I really want one for myself, but each ultimate box comes with these ears.

Finally, it comes with a thank you card, along with a sticker made by yours, truly, and some My Oh My goodies that are personalized. So that's, what's in our box in the month for October. We hope that you enjoyed what you saw and that you'll want to get your own box, too. Thanks everyone. My Oh My have a wonderful day.

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