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Disney Fanatics Sharing the Magic

Megan and Jackie have been experiencing Disney magic for as long as they can remember - they quickly became best friends after discovering their mutual love for all things Disney.

After weekly visits to the parks, they have gained a wealth of Disney experience and have learned some key tips and tricks that'll help you create the perfect Disney vacation or perfect Disney box. So let them plan the ultimate Disney gift or getaway for you and your Mouseketeers!


Megan aka our Disney Super-Expert and Park Secret-Holder, grew up just a few miles from Disneyland. Her family even has a stone in the Esplanade! She's the brains behind the ultimate Disney itinerary.

Jackie aka our Artist, Designer and Disney Super-Fan grew up drawing Disney characters and has made Disneyland her happy place. She's the creative behind bringing the magic to life. 



Have you ever gone on a Disney vacation with a Disney super fan and park expert? ​They know all the best rides, foods and attractions and somehow are able to dodge long lines, get what seems like an infinite number of fast passes and seamlessly transition from park to park. Don't you wish you could have these experts accompany you on every Disney trip? Well, now you can.

Megan and Jackie created My Oh My so that everyone can experience the Disney parks like an expert and without the stress or time it takes to plan the perfect Disney vacation. Their years of experience visiting both Disneyland and Disney World gives them unique insights and the ability to create the perfect itinerary for you and your family. They've perfected the ideal "Disney day" filled with the best rides, food and shows to create the ultimate Disney experience.


Now it's time for you to tackle Disney parks like an expert and maximize your Disney vacation. 

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