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Disney Boxes

How it works...

Step 1: Choose your box! Pick from any of our flagship boxes - Birthday, Disney Trip, Halloween, Disney Themed or Disneyland Boxes. 


Step 2: Choose your box type. We have four boxes - Ultimate Box, Deluxe Box, Extra Magic and Disney Box. All are filled with different items!  

Step 3: Let us know what character (or two!) you'd like showcased with your box. We will use this to personalize your box and its items.

Step 4: Choose add-ons. Add any items that you'd like in addition to your box.  

Step 6: Order and enjoy your personalized box!! 

my oh my pixar pier.jpg


How it works...

Step 1: Take the Quiz! Fill out the questionnaire so that we can get a better understanding of your preferences and include all your favorite rides, foods and activities during your park visit. 

Step 2: Purchase the number of days you'd like us to plan :) 


Step 3: Based on your answers, we will create the ultimate itinerary specifically for you! 

Step 4: Add ons! Choose from any of our add ons or Disney boxes to complete your pre-Disney planning. 

Step 5: We'll send you your box so that you can enjoy the park like an expert! 


Disney Box Examples

minnie happy.png

Character box

Stitch-themed box 

Boxes that focus on one character or movie


Movie themed

Monsters Inc. Themed 

Boxes that focus on a Disney, Pixar or Marvel movie


disney parks

Focuses on a Disney parks theme - this was themed for Happily Ever After Fireworks Show!


special occasion

Boxes created for a special occasion - Wedding, Birthday, Disney Trip, Anniversary, etc. 

Completely personalized 

Mix and match movies, characters or themes for your box! Do you love Stitch and Rapunzel? Let us know and we'll create a box that incorporates these two characters. We've created everything from a Disney Princess Box to a Marvel Themed box, to a box that was a wedding, Halloween and Christmas theme all in one. We've done it all! 

Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and more

We don't just focus on Disney - we create boxes for Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars, too! Our creators are a fan of all and can create boxes for any of these franchises. 

Character/Movie Themed Boxes

Character/Movie Themed Boxes

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