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Pro Tips for Avengers Campus!

The My Oh My Planners took a pretty spontenous trip to the parks on Thursday, and we were finally able to visit Avengers Campus! We were there for HOURS getting the low-down on all the shows, attractions, and treats and we are excited to share them with you!

Pro tip #1: First thing’s first...joining a 7:00 am Web Slingers boarding group! This is the exact same as the Rise of the Resistance boarding group process:

  • After getting on the app at 6:55 am, start a mental countdown at 6:59 am

  • As soon as that clock hits 7:00 am, refresh the page, click “Join”, then “Continue” and BOOM, early boarding group! (Our planner, Megan, used this technique on Thursday and got Group 21!)

Pro tip #2: ARRIVE EARLY.

Like many other tips we have for the Disneyland Resort, getting to the parks early is KEY to having a magical experience. The crowds are extremely light, especially in California Adventure, and although there is no line to get into Avengers Campus, it is so nice to have that personal space to explore the area. We arrived at 8:30 am and had a glorious, non-crowded 2 hours to roam the campus.

As a side note: the parking structure is a better option for parking these days. Harbor Blvd is far more crowded. There are many cast members working in the structure now so people move very quickly through security. If you do not mind walking a bit, park here!

Pro tip #3: Mobile order for Pym’s Test Kitchen as soon as you walk through the DCA gates.

Not only is the line for Pym’s super long all day, but the times to pick up your food move very quickly as well. So as soon as you arrive, set your pick-up time and order your treats! We will give you our reviews of the treats in our Avengers Campus food blog post :)

Pro tip #4: Do not let the long wait time for Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! fool you!

This line moves incredibly fast. You will be hearing Rocket’s instructions in no time :) Try to ride this one early and then head back to the campus to see some shows!

Pro tip #5: Keep an eye on the show times.

There are quite a few shows that happen inside the campus throughout the day. The Dora Milaje Warriors of Wakanda show starts early and happens frequently (we saw this one twice in 2 hours). The Spiderman show is MUST-SEE and only occurs a few times per day so you can either 1) check the app for the next show time, or 2) ask a cast member when he will be back. Either way, there are many good viewing spots for this one so don’t worry if you are off to the side. The Dr. Strange showtimes begin in the mid to late afternoon to due light visuals, so check on those times as well because it is a pretty cool experience.

There are also many characters always out and about! Whether they are waving to guests from the Quinjet building or taking pictures in the plaza, you are sure to see many familiar faces throughout the day!

Pro tip #6: Take a Break!

There is not much shade in Avengers Campus, and due to the SoCal heat, we learned that very quickly :) Don’t be afraid to take a break from the campus and head to Animation Academy or Pixar Pier to get away from the sun. Again, you can walk right into the campus at any time so there’s no rush to get back to see Iron Man.

Pro tip #7: Be aware that seating is VERY limited in the campus, especially around Pym’s Test Kitchen.

This is probably the one thing we were not impressed with. Seating is few and far between at Pym’s Kitchen. You basically have to stalk families to see if they are leaving or not. We hope they add more seating areas soon!

Pro tip #8: Venture through the campus at night!

Avengers Campus lights up at night and the views are quite spectacular. Don’t miss seeing the QuinJet or Dr. Strange saving the universe when the sun goes down!

We hope you have a SUPER amazing experience at Avengers Campus during your next visit! More tips and tricks coming very soon!

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