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My Oh My What a Wonderful Day

What a wonderful day it is, indeed! After years of wanting to start our own business, we are excited to announce that the day has finally come...we have lunched My Oh My Planners!

We couldn't be more excited to share our boundless love for all things Disney with you all. And best of all, we'll be sharing our Disney park knowledge, advice and plenty of tips and tricks along the way.

The Logic Behind the Dream

Have you ever been to a Disney park with an expert aka a Disney Super-fan?! They know of all the latest and greatest things to do around the parks, never seem to wait in line for rides, have scoped out all the best places to eat and obtain what feels like unlimited fast passes. You get to ride on their coattails and experience the most magical park visit ever.

That's what it's like with My Oh My. Our passion for Disney and its parks knows no bounds and it has been our dream to share this passion and expertise with you...a dream that is now a reality.

Now, you can experience every visit as if you were walking alongside a park expert and truly maximize the magic every time you visit a Disney park. We customize each itinerary so that it is tailored to your Disney favorites. Need to feel the thrill of Space Mountain or cool off on Splash Mountain? Need to taste the explosion of flavors from Dole Whip? Or want to know all the best photo op spots throughout the parks? We'll take all those needs, wants and preferences into account and incorporate them into your very own personalized itinerary for the first and only customizable Disney parks planning service.

All the Perks, None of the Stress

Stress-free planning. This was and will always be the impetus behind creating My Oh My. Your visit to the parks should be filled with Disney magic, savory foods and unforgettable experiences, not stress. Planning before and during a trip can be stressful, and that's where we come in. We take care of all of the planning and remove that pre-trip stress from the equation so that you can be in the moment and soak up the magic with your family.

Plus, you'll reap the benefits of having Disney aficionados plan your vacation. Which means less lines, tastier foods and more memorable events. Not only will your vacation be stress-free, but it'll be packed with all of your Disney favorites and "must dos".

We combine our Disney knowledge with your park preferences...adding up to what we hope will be the best Disney vacation ever. Our countless visits to both Disneyland and Disney World have have allowed us to sharpen our park knowledge and we want to share this expertise with you!

How the Magic Works

Take the quiz. Tell us your preferences. Let us create a personalized itinerary for you and your family. Enjoy your Disney vacation. That's it!

Start by taking the quiz. Tell us what rides you have to go on, what foods you need to try, events you want to attend or overall experiences you want to incorporate and we'll do the rest! From there, we will gather the information you submit to create an itinerary personalized for you and your family to ensure that you check every park must-do off your list.

Each itinerary is completely customizable. We can plan your day down to the hour, simply give you a few tips and recommendations, and do everything in-between. You choose how much planning you need and we'll get right on the planning.

Seems simple, right? That's because it is. Take the quiz. Leave the planning to us. And experience Disney magic like never before.

Let's Get Started

Planning your next visit to the parks soon? Let us do the planning. Sit back, relax, and get ready for the most magical Disney vacation...can you say "best day ever?".

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