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Foodies Assemble! Avengers Campus Food Review

Foodies assemble! Our My Oh My planners visited Avengers Campus and indulged in all things Marvel foods! The new campus did not disappoint. Here were some of our favorites!

Pym's Test Kitchen

Pym’s Test Kitchen is a MUST when visiting Avengers Campus. We loved it so much that we ate here for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. Yup...all three was that good! There was also so much to try so we had to come back again and again.


First up, The Calculated Breakfast - eggs two ways with smoked bacon, crispy potato bites and focaccia toast. Yum! The Ever-expanding Cinna-Pym Toast also looked delicious and we’ll be sure to grab that next time!

They also have the Impossible Quantum Garden Breakfast - Plant-based folded omelet with Impossible breakfast sausage, crispy potato bites and focaccia toast - and the Spoonful of Cereal - Bran flakes and raisins, garnished with yogurt-covered pretzels, served with whole milk and a ripe banana.


Who said you can’t have dessert for breakfast? We just couldn’t wait to try the famed Celestial-sized Candy Bar: Choco-Smash CANDY Bar. And WOW. We’re glad we didn’t wait. This bar is filled with layers of dark chocolate, peanuts, caramel, nougat and chocolate brownie. It melted rather quickly on a hot day so it was a bit messy but worth it! Definitely recommend.


We got the bulk of our food for lunch. The Quantum Pretzel was at the top of our list of foods to try and it really is as big as they say! This 453.8 grams of Bavarian-style pretzel accompanied by sharp cheddar cheese-beer sauce was huge. And delicious. Beware though, the cheese sauce had an overpowering beer taste so if you don’t like beer, maybe skip this one.

Next up was the PB3 Superb Sandwich, which was one of our favorite foods of the day. This PB&J sandwich was filled with banana and candied bacon and was oh so good on Pym Particle Bread. Don’t sleep on this one, especially if you’re a PB&J lover! This was also served with a micro banana smoothie (that we could’ve done without) and crispy potato bites (aka tater tots) which honestly stole the show...we literally had these with every meal.

We also tried the Caesar Salad and Colossal Crouton to get in our greens for the day. This was a surprisingly good buy with hearts of romaine, kalamata olives, pickled onions, caesar dressing, a giant garlic crouton and parmesan crisps. Yum.

The Pym-ini Sandwich also looked great and we’ll be sure to add this to our order on our next trip. This sandwich is filled with salami, rosemary ham, provolone and sun-dried tomato spread on toasted focaccia, served with marinara dipping sauce and arugula salad. We did get the arugula salad as a side which was delicious!

From right top to bottom, left to right:

Not so Little Chicken Sandwich

Pym-ini Sandwich

Caesar Salad with Colossal Crouton

Impossible Spoonful


The one thing we had to come back and try was the Not so Little Chicken Sandwich.

This was tasty to say the least! Fried chicken breast with teriyaki and red chili sauces, pickled cabbage slaw on brioche bread and was served with crispy potato bites. SO. GOOD. We highly recommend this one! We particularly loved the slaw as it had a bit of cilantro, which we love!


We decided to try one of their specialty drinks - the Proton PB&J Punch. This was not a favorite. Minute Maid lemonade with peanut butter and strawberry flavors topped with peanut butter infused whipped cream and PB pretzel spheres. The only thing good about this drink was the peanut butter pretzel spheres inside of the whipped cream. Otherwise, skip this drink.

After eating at Pym’s Test Kitchen, we headed to Pym’s Tasting Lab where we purchased a Pint-Sized Mini Beer Flight. This was a refreshing option on a hot summer day and included POG Endless Hard Selzer, SLO Brew Cali Squeeze Blood Orange Hefeweizen, Karl Strauss Brewing Co. Sun Drops IPA and Garage Brewing Marshmallow Milk Stout. You also got to keep the oversized ruler board that the drinks came in. Win win!


Also remember to grab the purple Cosmic Cream Orb and Spiral Ration Churro at Terran Treats near Guardians of the Galaxy. These were a hit! We especially loved the cream cheese orb - filled with raspberry cheesecake and surrounded by a cookies and cream flavor crust. This one was messy but tasty! The Spiral Ration was warm and had a subtle pineapple flavor. Didn't wow us, but worth a try if you're a churro fan.

We are already counting down the days until we’re able to get our hands on these Avengers foods again! What will you be having?

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