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My Oh My & Magic Key!

The My Oh My Planners are annual pass holders once again!

The Magic Key (aka former annual passes) program went on sale at 10 am PST on Tuesday, August 25th. Well, actually, the virtual queue to purchase the passes did not open until about 10:15 am, but we were using both our phones and laptops to try and be one of the first Disney fans to snag our keys.

Jackie and I chose the Dream Key this time around, which is fairly similar to the original Signature pass that Jackie had before the park shutdown in 2020. Megan is very new to this pass with no blockout dates, free parking, and a 20% merchandise and dining discount. Needless to say, she is very excited to be a Dream Key holder.

We knew that it was going to be at least a few hours before we were able to purchase, and that we would be looking at the same graphic on the queue page until then:

Luckily this time, it was Space Mountain instead of the goat on Big Thunder.

So we waited...and waited...and soon it had been already 3 hours and we were nowhere close to being able to make our purchases. All the while, we were seeing our friends and favorite influencers posts showing off their newly purchased keys, wondering when it would be our turn.

Then, a mere 6 hours after we joined the virtual queue, it was time!

The checkout process was quick and painless (except for the sting our credit cards are feeling), and we were able to see that new banner on the Disneyland app homepage.

So the My Oh My planners are "key holders" now and can visit the parks virtually any day of the year (pending available reservations). And as of today, the parks still are not too crowded, even after the Magic Keys went on sale!

With Halloween right around the corner, you will probably see us at the parks quite often :) We hope to see you there real soon!

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